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A flood of alien species have been entering the Mediterranean from the Red Sea since the Suez Canal opened in 1869. Dr. Yoni Belmaker is identifying the characteristics of successful alien species using data of the entire pool of reef-associated fish species in the Red Sea and Indo-Pacific oceans. This first-ever ranking will help identify future alien species before they arrive and have a devastating impact.

The Belmaker Lab has diverse interests, in the marine and terrestrial realms alike — from community ecology and biogeography to macroecology.

They are specifically interested in understanding how patterns of biodiversity and the underlying processes vary across geographical and environmental gradients and across scales. The team uses a multi-directional approach that brings together experimental manipulations, large-scale observations and computer modeling to examine these questions.


Broad-Scale Diversity Patterns Link

Relative Species Abundance and Community Assembly

The Impact of Fishing on Mediterranean Fish

Causes and Consequences of Lessepsian Fish Migration


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