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Tel Aviv is one of the world’s cultural capitals; a mecca of possibilities. TAU helps make those possibilities turn into realities, with programs in the arts, the humanities and the sciences that are a source of immeasurable innovation, ingenuity and pride for the city, the State and for American Friends.

The University’s beautifully lush, sculpture-filled Ramat Aviv campus is just minutes from the beach and downtown Tel Aviv. The nearly 35,000-person community is lifted as one by a steady diet of vibrant discourse and intellectual curiosity. TAU students, scholars, scientists, lecturers, lab managers, and administrators  hail from across Israel and the Middle East, from Africa, Europe, China, India, Latin America, Canada and the US.

Its students are among the best and brightest, boasting the highest college entrance scores in Israel. Since 2010, more than 250 Israeli faculty have returned home from top-tier US and European academic institutions, primarily to take advantage of that extraordinary human capital.

And today TAU ranks #29 in patent filings among academic institutions worldwide; TAU has had 2400 patents in less than 60 years.

Invention is an essential and instinctive part of the TAU ethos. Students and scholars alike transfer their knowledge beyond the classroom – into the arts and entertainment; scientific research and innovation; social justice and reform.

We at American Friends believe that international alliances are equally vital to the future of this already-impressive University. Since TAU opened its doors in 1956, American Friends have enthusiastically and industriously pursued the advancement of TAU in the world; raising money, awareness and influence.  Our work continues.   Join our campaign for a better future – one brimming with creativity, ideation, innovation and discovery.  


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