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Nano refers to the 10 to the -9 power or one billionth. A nanometer is 100,000 times thinner than a strand of hair. Nanoscience and nanotechnology are about the ability to observe, manipulate and build at the atomic or molecular level.

That’s no small feat in-and-of-itself. Add to that the fact that laws defining quantum mechanics dramatically change when things are only a few hundred atoms big. Take light-related properties, for instance: A solution of gold particles measuring 20 nanometers looks red to us, but reducing the size of the particles changes the solution’s color to blue. Nanoparticles are also more easily controlled by light than larger substances. Their various geometric shapes affect their behavior. And nano-sized substances are better catalysts and stronger than larger substances.

Nanoscience, nanotechnology and nanobusiness seek to exploit these unique physical properties to serve humankind.

The Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology is already an internationally respected hub, committed to pioneering multidisciplinary research and robust cooperation with celebrated institutions, organizations and companies worldwide. 66 scientists – 20 recruited within the last 5 years from the likes of Harvard, MIT and Caltech – 1,000 published papers, 60+ new patents, 16 start-ups and 35 commercial partnerships with HP, Johnson & Johnson, Merz Pharma, RAFAEL and more are working together to advance novel basic science into real-world applications. All in the pursuit of life- and industry-changing molecular-scale engineering. The Center’s five core faculties represent the diverse expertise necessary in the field: Exact and Life Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Chemistry and Physics.


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