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The Refugee Rights Clinic is the only program teaching refugee law in Israel. The Clinic worked with the Organization for Aiding Refugees and the Hotline for Migrant Workers to prepare and submit a petition to the Be’er Sheva District Court. The petition spoke out against the segregation of asylum-seeker children into a separate educational facility in Eilat. The Court accepted the petition and ordered the municipality to integrate the children into mainstream schools. The Municipality of Eilat and Israel Ministry of Education appealed the decision. The appeal was denied. In another recent case, the Clinic submitted a petition to the Ministry of Interior to reopen the case of a Rwandan asylum seeker, who was both a victim of torture and genocide survivor. The petition was successful and the case reopened. A subsequent interview granted the requested adjustments. This was Israel’s first case to interpret the rights of people with disabilities and victims of torture for adequate procedures in the Refugee Status Determination process.


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