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Someone who can set goals, visualize paths to achieve them, and summon the motivation to start down those paths will be more likely to succeed than someone who can’t.

For those who can, the most important thing we can do is provide hope.

GPAs and college entrance exam results are consistently lower in Israel’s peripheral towns and villages than they are in the center of the country. Only 9% of high school graduates living in these outlying areas reach university; and those few who are accepted often face extraordinary obstacles. Our experience is that too many fall behind and/or dropout before they’ve even had a chance to succeed. It’s an extraordinary opportunity lost.

The TAU Presidential Scholars Program enables these students to realize their full academic potential, become leading members of Israel’s business, government, educational and cultural communities and serve as role models for other young people in their hometowns.

The program is multicultural at its core – attracting Arab and Druze students, as well Israeli-born Jews, and recent newcomers from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union. It and provides a comprehensive support system throughout their undergraduate careers.

In return, Presidential Scholars volunteer in community centers, rehabilitation facilities, mentoring projects and other socially responsible organizations across metropolitan Tel Aviv

90% of Presidential Scholars earn their University degree.

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