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Archaeology gives us access to the entire spectrum of human experience. It offers the potential to study the rise and fall of civilizations, and the movement of peoples around the world.

The TAU Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures is dedicated to uncovering Israel’s complex past, while introducing students to the theories and methodologies needed explore the periods spanning the mid-second millennium BCE through the Muslim conquest in the 7th century CE through extraordinary archaeological finds, biblical and ancient Near Eastern texts that illuminate the economic and social structures, diplomatic and political relations and religious practices of the inhabitants of ancient Israel. Fieldwork takes place in some of the world’s richest excavation sites.

The mission is to ensure that scientific study of artifacts and technologies associated with human activity are carried out within the framework of the human sciences; providing an integrated realization of the physical, social, cultural, and ideological world in which we function. The goal: to reconstruct the role materials play shaping the archaeological past on the way to recognizing how materials affect society today.

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