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Healing can start any place – at the bedside, with a physical therapist or dentist, in a laboratory or classroom.

Tel Aviv University clinicians, scientists and more than 1200 students work side-by-side with collaborators across seemingly impenetrable boundaries and great distances to heal everything from the severe emotional wounds of rape, war and natural disasters to the ravages of cancer and heart and infectious diseases.

The goals are two-fold.

TAU is dedicated to teaching the art of medicine – where patient interests, values and dignity are equal to scientific and technical expertise. Doctors, dentists, nurses, occupational and physical therapists and speech pathologists delivering optimal medical care with compassion and respect for individual and cultural differences. 

The TAU Sackler Faculty of Medicine also takes responsibility for empowering Israel with the resources necessary to design and implement smart, successful strategies that work at all points along the life sciences continuum. That means launching and pursuing great basic science then bridging the gaps between that research and business in hopes of encouraging investment, initiating long-term growth and bringing breakthrough products to the market to help people heal.

The 2012 INSEAD Global Innovation Index lists Israel 1st in research and development, the quality of its research institutions and in the number of scientific and technical journal articles. Israel is 3rd in venture capital deals, 7th in knowledge creation and 7th in university-industry collaboration.

In 2012, Israel 21c reported that Israel is 1st in the world for number of start-ups per capita and 3rd in the world in patents per capita. And in 2015, Tel Aviv was #5 in the Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking.

Tel Aviv University is part and parcel of those numbers. It is no. 29 in the world for the number of patents applied for by a university; its scientists are responsible for 65 spin-off companies and 180 licensed inventions.



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