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In its short 60-year history, Tel Aviv University has secured 2,400 patents, spun-off 65 companies and licensed 180 inventions.

Prof. Simon Litsyn’s 2004 patent made the flash memory chip possible. A decade later, TAU is an innovation powerhouse. 

National and international grants have empowered TAU to invest more than $150 million in R&D every year, making it the largest research institution in Israel. Nearly half of the University’s 30,000 students are involved in research across a wide spectrum of disciplines, from brain science to cyber security. That translates to 1800 research projects going on at any given time.

Ramot, TAU’s technology transfer company currently has nearly 600 active patent families. A third are licensed to partner companies the likes of GM, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Ford, Pfizer, Google and more. 40 are licensed to Israeli startups.

The new Technology Innovation Momentum Fund helps bridge the gap between early-stage innovation and commercialization for inventions in pharmaceuticals and healthcare, clean-tech and environmental, engineering and software. Too many promising technologies are either commercialized too soon or too cheaply, leaving the inventors and their institutions high and dry. Momentum Fund managers identify worthy ideas, take them to just the right stage of development and then shop them around for the right business partner to bring them to market.


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